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Safety/Security and how to optimize the movement of goods while maximizing secure protocols.


Taking into account the ever-increasing trading volumes and related data which Belgian customs services are expected to supervise and control, and the reduction of customs workforce, it is a challenge to reach maximum security and facilitation through the implementation and use of most sophisticated technologies at the right time and the right place in the logistics chain.

In order to achieve the intended purpose, technological improvements both in terms of hardware and software, and the integration of both, are necessary.

The intended technology should be able to automatically identify goods and means of transport showing anomalies, in this case cocaine, and remove them from the logistics chain for further inspection. At the same time, the intended technology must be able to determine the precise location of the cocaine in the goods and means of transport.

Therefore the intended technology needs to combine high system performance, low throughput times and must be a 100% reliable by excluding false positive and false negative control results, and by minimal human intervention.

What is the detailed solution you propose ? In case of a partial solution : How do you see the connection to other parts of the technology/other technologies ?


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