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We are facing many challenges regarding mobility in and around our port area. Not only are goods distributed via different transportation modes, but also people are coming to work each day to assure continuity of services. In Antwerp, four out of five port employees travel to and from work by car, resulting in huge volumes of commuter traffic. On top of this, Antwerp is located on the crossroads of different international highways, creating lots of through traffic. In addition, a lot of roadwork is happening and planned, which has a major impact on the accessibility of the port by car.

We strongly believe that the number of solo car drivers can be reduced, thanks to sustainable and faster alternatives. We encourage and promote alternative modes of transport such as cycling, water transport, collective transport, etc… But can we improve and motivate people to make a shift by using data?


Getting commuters out of their cars requires different elements, among them, infrastructure (cycling paths, bus lanes, etc.), alternatives (bike bus, waterbus, etc.), and a mental shift (people actually changing from their car to an alternative). These elements are very much intertwined and depend heavily on each other.  E.g., a new cycling path will not make more people change to a bike if they do not have a suitable bike or are not given a financial/time incentive.

Can you come up with solutions that address one or more of these aspects of mobility and contribute to the accessibility of the port of Antwerp?



  • Data of people who work in the port (gathered by the Port of Antwerp)

  • Data coming from companies active in the port (working hours, home location of the employees)

  • Traffic data (Vlaams Verkeerscentrum)

  • Information on road work and existing alternatives (Port of Antwerp website)


  • Mobility experts of the Port Authority

  • Local governments

  • Local companies


Do you have an interesting challenge related to this topic? Please let us know and we will take it into consideration!

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